Sport Bursaries


There are several sport bursaries available to students who have excelled in their sport disciplines (categories included in this brochure), in addition to students who are interested in becoming an IIE Varsity College Sports Club Administrator. There are three different types of sports bursaries on offer:

Sports Club Administrator Bursary

Critical to the success of the Sports Clubs on campus are the dedicated, committed and experienced Sports Club Administrators. If you’re passionate about any of the sports included in this brochure, and you have the administration skills and energy to see it grow in a student environment, please apply at your nearest campus to become a Sports Club Administrator. This bursary is applicable to the sports clubs offered on campus.

National Sports Club Bursaries

These bursaries are available to students who are interested in becoming a member of one of our competitive national major sports clubs – e.g. rugby (KZN), cricket (Cape Town) hockey (KZN), football (Sandton), netball (Cape Town), water polo (National), softball (Pretoria), cycling (National) and athletics (National) – and have achieved a high level of sporting performance (e.g. provincial or national representation). Bursaries are awarded depending on the positional and transformation requirements of each sports club.

Discretionary Sport Bursaries

Students who have achieved National Senior Protea colours, in the year prior to registration, can apply for a sport bursary. Preference is given to students participating in sporting disciplines offered by The IIE’s Varsity College or if it is a USSA sport. These sports include: cycling, surfing, canoeing, surfskiing, golf, swimming and athletics.


Complete the sport bursary application form here and compile a CV of your sporting achievements and a short motivation as to why you would be suitable for one of the above sport bursaries categories. You can submit all these documents via email or when you come in for an interview with a Student Advisor at your nearest campus. Contact your nearest campus Sports Coordinator for more information.