Sport at VC

Learning goes beyond the lecture room. We believe that finding the right balance between academics and sports contributes to overall academic success. And we understand that no students play the same, which is why we offer sports ranging from team to individual, competitive to participative, so that each student can play their way!

The VC Sports Club includes four different types of clubs; national sports clubs, campus team sports clubs, sports life clubs and lifestyle clubs; offering activities for everyone with events ranging from the annual University Sports South Africa (USSA) tournaments to social campus internal leagues.

To participate in sport at the IIE’s Varsity College you must be registered with the VC Sports Club. Catering for the semi-professional, social athlete, team player or individual sportsman and woman, the VC Sports Club offers a variety of sports clubs. Not every campus offers the same sports clubs, the offering per campus depends on the location and available facilities.

All national sports clubs offer expert coaching to students and most of the clubs’ 1st teams compete in the top tier in their local leagues or competitions. The IIE’s Varsity College offers the following national sports clubs to students, alumni and the public:

VC Rugby Club VC Water Polo Club
VC Hockey Club VC Cricket Club
VC Netball Club VC Softball Club
VC Football Club VC Athletics Club

Campus Sports Life Clubs

Sports Life Clubs offer sports that are fun, healthy and geared towards the individual and are the kind of outdoor activities that once you start, you’ll likely keep doing for the rest of your life. Campuses are equipped with extra skis, boats, bikes and boards for newbies. These clubs include:

Cycling (Mountain Biking and Road Cycling) Running and Triathlon

Canoeing & Surfski Golf
Campus Team Sports Clubs

The number of team sports clubs per campus is determined by the location of the nearest arena or suitable league. The campus team sports clubs participate in the local leagues at either a social or competitive level.

Alternatively, the club will host an internal Varsity College league and students within the club are encouraged to enter their own teams. Campus Team Sports Clubs include:

Action Soccer / Futsal / 5-a-side Soccer Action / Social Outdoor Netball

Action Cricket / Last Mans Stands Cricket Action Softball

Touch rugby / Social Rugby Volleyball

Action Hockey / Indoor Hockey / Social Outdoor Hockey Basketball

Lifestyle Social Sports Club

Lifestyle activities like esports, chess, hiking and walking are offered at a social level by some campuses as part of The IIE’s Varsity College Sports Club. Some of the campuses offer a Fitness Club which includes a variety of activities like walking, yoga and pilates. This ensures we give every student the opportunity to get involved in The IIE’s VC Sports Club and enjoy a balanced student lifestyle.




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Canoeing & Surfski



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