Faculty of Science & Technology: School of Computer Science

Computer Science graduates are skilfully prepared for employment in the ICT sector of the economy.

The ICT sector has experienced a skills shortage for many years and the IIE IT qualifications aim to alleviate this shortage. The student gains a good theoretical base with the essential practical skills that are most sought after in the industry. The Faculty of Science & Technology’s School of Computer Science constantly engages with the IT industry to gauge what is trending, as well as the usage and adoption of evolving IT technologies. This feedback is used to decide what must be included or removed from the curriculum and course structure. The feedback and implementation cycle is faster than our competitors due to mid-year and annual panel reviews. This process produces industry ready graduates who need much less training time to become productive than their counterparts.

Lecturers employed in the faculty bring their wealth of industry experience into the lecture room because many of them consult and work in the IT industry. These experts can teach the students the inner workings of the technologies and the pitfalls, which they encounter in the real world. Most students in other schools are lectured by academics who are sometimes out of touch with the fast-paced IT industry. Our Faculty of Science & Technology’s School of Computer Science uses the latest technologies and the latest stable versions making the learning real and relevant.