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Hands up if you want to be a teacher
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B.Ed foundation phase degree: what you need to know
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How Much Do You Appreciate Teachers?
It’s impossible to imagine life without teachers. How much do you appreciate them?
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Teaching Courses at Varsity College
If you can read this, thank a teacher! The chances are, they taught you to read and do most of the everyday things you’ve been doing pretty much all of your life.
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Make futures bright with early childhood education
Want to make a career out of your passion for teaching? You could with our IIE BEd in Foundation Phase Teaching.
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Nurture Young Minds with a Degree in Early Childhood Education
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Teaching is the science of making a real difference
It’s common knowledge that the first part of any child’s life plays the most vital role in their life.
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Teacher training at VC has the right balance to launch your career
Becoming a teacher is often a calling that you’re drawn to from a very young age.
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The modern BEd degree – a passport to the world
The modern BEd degree – a passport to the world
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