Distance studies brings the best of the IIE’s Varsity College to wherever in the world you may be. The distance delivery mode provides you with the opportunity to study in the comfort of your own home and to plan your study workload to suit to your individual pace. The high quality support ensures that you become part of a dynamic online learning community; facilitating meaningful engagement with your Online Tutors and your peers.


Our distance delivery has been designed with our students’ needs in mind, and includes the following:

  • A structured online learning environment that will take you through the learning process; making use of the best of instructional design thinking that will enable you to understand and apply your knowledge as you progress through your studies. The online design ensures that you are able to track your progress and meet each crucial milestone along the way.
  • A learner guide designed to lead you through the textbook. It includes questions and answers for practice and revision.
  • Access to an online librarian who can direct you to a range of digital library resources, and provide you with assignment support as well as referencing and plagiarism guidance.
  • Online Tutors who are subject matter experts and who maintain the human experience of the learning process in each of your modules.
  • A Programme Success Tutor who monitors your engagement and who is available to supports your learning journey across your entire programme of study.

Our most successful students are those who make use of the full range of support provided by the online team, while also assuming the necessary responsibility for the management of their own learning.

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Email Address for Proof of Payment: financeonline@varsitycollege.co.za

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