School of Engineering

The IIE’s Varsity College School of Engineering is a part of The IIE’s Faculty of Engineering, Science and Health.

There is a shortage of skilled Civil Engineers in South Africa, and it has a widespread effect not only nationally but also within the African continent at large, affecting the countries ability to function in the globalised business environment and economy. The School of Engineering will prepare graduates with this in-demand degree, making them sought after by potential employers. Graduates will be well-prepared to enter the industry upon graduating.

Unlike traditional engineering programmes, the IIE Bachelor of Engineering programme will expose students to the role of engineering in the real world as early as the first year of the programme. Our qualification ensures that students are equipped with first-hand experience of the value that engineering adds to improving the quality of lives in local communities.

Please note, not all programmes are available on all IIE Varsity College campuses. To find out if your programme of interest is available, contact the campus directly.