Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law graduates are professionally qualified and prepared for work and practice in the dynamic field of law.

The overarching vision of the Faculty of Law is to produce high performing, quality graduates who are equipped to thrive in the evolving landscape of the legal profession. We foster a vibrant community with our small class sizes, where students can engage in collaborative and interactive debates, stimulating discussions on current legal topics, and participate in various initiatives and events such as the IIE Varsity College Juridical Society, law information evenings, career fairs, public lectures, and moot court. These opportunities provide a platform for our students to build valuable connections within the legal profession. We empower students to take an active role in utilising their legal skills to make a meaningful impact in their chosen careers.

Through our comprehensive curriculum, students develop essential skills in trial advocacy, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, research, teamwork, and professional ethics and integrity. By embracing the multifaceted nature of law, our students become agents of change, capable of shaping society and possessing professional credibility as global citizens. Join us in this exciting journey of personal growth and be part of a world that experiences the transformative impact of the law.

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