VC Cares

Under the guidance of the SRM, the VC Cares Committee gives members the opportunity to lead fellow students in a range of initiatives that include fundraising, awareness drives and outreach programmes.

VC Cares students are passionate, caring and dedicated to making a difference in the world around them. This is truly rewarding work that helps students grow as individuals and become socially aware citizens, empowering themselves and those they help. Professionally, students gain valuable practical experience in the field of event management and marketing by becoming involved in projects such as Cell C's "Take a Girl Child to Work", Mandela Day and Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Build. All these initiatives provide students with a variety of opportunities, allowing them to make a difference in the lives of others. The community work done by VC Cares provides a real and meaningful learning experience and contributes inestimably to the personal development of those students who take the time to get involved. These opportunities are crucial in allowing us to provide the full student experience that makes Varsity College unique, and ultimately contributes to the holistic development of our students.

Varsity College and the Qhubeka Education Project

VC Cares works closely with the Qhubeka Education Project – an initiative that distributes bicycles to students, teachers and school volunteers to improve access to education, reduce travel time and improve educational outcomes. In the short term, bicycles reduce children’s exhaustion from walking to school and help them attend regularly. In the long term, bicycles will help children complete their education, preparing them for better jobs and reducing the likelihood of extreme poverty. Efforts include raising funds on all campuses to purchase Qhubeka bicycles for those children who live in rural areas and who travel long distances to school. Campuses each hold one main event to raise awareness and funds for the project, along with smaller initiatives throughout the year. Students studying Public Relations and Event Management use the opportunity for Work Integrated Learning, while VC Cares students do whatever is needed to help make the contribution a meaningful one.

*This information applies to Full-Time Undergraduate students only