Social & Cultural

A vibrant social life is a crucial part of a full and balanced student experience. While some may view the social aspect as little more than a distraction from the business of studying, at Varsity College we believe that time spent with friends and fellow students outside the lecture room is integral to your development as a well-rounded young adult. For many students it’s their first opportunity to experience life as an adult, making their own choices in terms of how they live their lives responsibly and how they balance work and play. Social interaction is about more than just having fun. It provides the opportunity to learn a whole range of skills that are essential for life in the working world, where success is defined as much by your ability to communicate, interact and maintain healthy relationships as it is by your knowledge. From the outset, at Varsity College, students are encouraged to ‘get social’. The year kicks off with Orientation Week (O’Week), designed to familiarise you with your academic calendar, and your campus and life at Varsity College, while providing the opportunity to network, make new friends and have a lot of fun.

Other events include the Sunset Cruise, Mr and Miss VC, Spring Bash as well as the VC Golf Day. Meridian Hour takes place on campus and gives students the opportunity to participate in various social, cultural and community engagement activities such as Minute to Win It competitions and NGO Open Days. Open Mic sessions provide students with opportunities to demonstrate skills like singing or dancing, expressing views, reading poetry or displaying other talents, much to the appreciation and delight of the many students who gather around to cheer and support. We encourage students to initiate and run societies and cultural groups.
Many such groups, including book clubs, drama groups, poetry sessions and musical appreciation evenings run successfully on our campuses. In addition, the campuses often arrange events such as quiz evenings and LAN parties.

Making all of this happen on campus are the PR and Events Coordinator (PEC) and the elected Student Liaison Body (SLB). The SLB is involved in planning and implementing all the large scale social events on campus. Becoming engaged and immersed in the full student experience is important. You will have fun, grow as an individual and make lifelong friends, and you will build social and networking skills that will form a foundation for future success.

*This information applies to Full-Time Undergraduate only.