The IIE’s Varsity College School of Management is a part of The IIE’s Faculty of Commerce.

Accessible and flexible study options set The IIE’s Varsity College School of Management, the largest School within Varsity College, apart. Depending on the programme or qualification you chose to study towards, you may study full-time, part-time or online. The IIE qualifications, which include Higher Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees and a BCom Honours Degree, provide a higher education framework for our students to follow. This framework maps a student’s journey in the world of business out, regardless of what the students’ current level of knowledge, academic background and future aspirations may be. This school provides a dynamic and respected academic environment with lecturers who have the right balance of academic qualifications and industry experience in the fields in which they lecture. Our online learning management system further supports your access to real world case studies, examples and discussions. Connect with like-minded individuals, engage with skilled subject matter experts and create foundations for your career success. The skills that you will learn during your time with us will remain with you for a lifetime.

IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management

Contribute to effective management in the contemporary business environment..

IIE Diploma in Commerce in Business Management

The purpose of The IIE Diploma is to develop the skills, knowledge and competence of graduates who aim to manage a small to medium business enterprise effectively and efficiently. Learn More

IIE Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

A broad-based business qualification that is invaluable in forging a career within the world of business.

IIE Bachelor of Commerce in Economics

Gain critical understanding of the relationship between the disciplines of business management and economics in the business world.

IIE Diploma in Sport Development and Management

The sporting world is filled with opportunities beyond simply being a professional athlete. Learn more.

IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practice

If you are interested in obtaining a sound one-year management qualification and learning about the business environment.

IIE Higher Certificate in Event Management

This qualification will equip you with the skills to plan, co-ordinate and execute events.