IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business

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Course Information
  • Course: Postgraduate Diploma
  • Mode: Distance (Minimum 1 Year)
  • NQF Level: 8
  • Credits: 120
  • SAQA ID: 118658
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This IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is suited for individuals seeking a new skill set to promote the digitalisation of businesses in the ever-changing business world. If you are a game changer and an innovator, look no further than this IIE qualification. The purpose of this Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is to enable individuals involved in business operations, finance, marketing, or business development to understand, assess and select appropriate business technologies for growth and effectiveness.

This IIE Varsity College qualification is available through the distance mode of study, which is ideal for working adults who prefer not to attend full-time lectures but is aimed at students who are keen to study in the Digital Business field. As an IIE distance student you will receive all your support Online from a dedicated team of IIE Varsity College Online tutors.

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The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on level 8 (SAQA ID: 118658).

The Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is designed to prepare graduates with the necessary skills in business technologies for growth and effectiveness. Specific prospects in Digital Business as a field include:

  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Digital Sales Manager
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business Development Consultant

The IIE’s distance (online) delivery mode provides you with the agility of studying towards a tertiary qualification asynchronously, at different times from different locations. Distance students need to commit to approximately 20-25 hours a week for distance engagement (most of which is after hours) with material and assessments to succeed.Here are some of the benefits you can expect

  • A sequenced online learning environment that allows you the ability to manage your learning experiences flexibly and autonomously.
  • A learner guide designed to lead you through the module material and learning outcomes, empowering you to effectively pace your learning in preparation for assessments.
  • Our Learning Management System is designed to break up your learning units into manageable sections whichinclude various activities to support learning.
  • Module expert online lecturers that facilitate module teaching and learning support through various technologyenhanced mediums.
  • Online Success Navigators provide administrative and operational guidance and support throughout your academic journey.
  • A professionally registered Student Wellness Manager/Counsellor available for short-term, primary counsellingservices. Additionally, the Student Wellness Manager/Counsellor hosts various webinars and virtual talks ontopics that promote a balanced lifestyle as you pursue your academic goals.

The IIE is not only accredited in South Africa but its dedication to providing quality education also led to it being accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) in 2014. The British Accreditation Council is an independent authority in the United Kingdom that accredits private providers globally, including Greece, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. In 2017 The IIE had its accreditation status confirmed by the BAC as an Independent Higher Education Institution confirming our confidence in the international comparability of our standards.

“South African students need to know, when they select a private higher education institution, that the standards offered are equivalent to those of a public University. Our students get this from our extensive local accreditation and registration. The students also benefit from knowing that we meet international standards too. The IIE is accredited as an Independent Higher Education Institution by the British Accreditation Council. Locally and internationally we have demonstrated the quality of what we offer.

The IIE’s Varsity College students can be confident that their IIE learning experience meets international best practice standards.

From 2024, we are planning to offer you the ability to write your exam online, which will be invigilated.

  • Your device needs to fulfil the minimum requirements as above with internet connectivity, a working webcamand audio
  • Recording ability, with battery life sufficient for the exam duration in case of power outage once the examhas started.
  • Whilst Android devices and tablets can be used for your studies, they cannot be used for online exams.
  • You are responsible for making contingency plans in case of planned power outages.
  • You need to be alone in a quiet environment for writing your exams online.
  • Selected final semester exams as indicated on your Programme Assessment Schedule (PAS) can be writtenonline, at an IIE campus, or at an approved exam centre where appropriate.