Manni Alves

Manni Alves

1.How would you describe your career journey from Varsity College to your current role?

My goal was to join the Motor-Industry as soon as possible – my passion is cars and I wanted my career to be in a subject that excited me. The knowledge and skills gained from the Varsity College Diploma program have been a faithful companion as I progressed through the ranks, starting from Sales Executive and leading me to my current role of Regional Sales Manager at the biggest and most successful BMW Dealer in the Middle East.

2.How did your Varsity College experience help shape your success? / How did the education you received, help you get to where you are now?

I was well aware that I required background knowledge and clearer understanding of financial subjects if I were to achieve the goals I had set out for my career path. I certainly put the knowledge I gained at Varsity College into effective use from the get-go and have not looked back.

3.What advice would you give current Varsity College students interested in your field?

A career in the Motor Industry in the Sales division is incredibly rewarding if your passion lies with motor cars. It is imperative that one understands that it is an industry that requires commitment and hard work, and unwavering honesty and transparency when dealing with customers. If one can successfully integrate having the knowledge of a car’s characteristics and operation, with the ability to explain them to a customer, a very successful future is in store.

4.How did the education you received, help you get to where you are now?

Refer question 2’s answer.

5.What are some of your fondest memories from your time at Varsity College?

I looked forward to attending every (evening) class – it was a highlight for me. The lecturer was knowledgeable and eager to have every student excel in the subject. Without fail, every student in my class was incredibly friendly and co-operative in the spirit of a team – regardless of their individual backgrounds and cultures. Varsity College attracted like-minded individuals like myself – wanting to make their individual contribution to the world. The environment was conducive to effective learning.

6.Last but definitely not least, any words of encouragement for those still studying, in light of the current state of the world?

Your career will be determined first and foremost by your own abilities and eagerness to succeed. Commit to your passion and work hard at always being the best you can be – rise to the top within your peers at all times. A good performance cannot be hidden - regardless of any situation around you, your reward will always be great when you are the example of a true professional. Do not let anyone or anything hold you back from achieving your goals.