What do all these successful people have in common?

What do all these successful people have in common?

Not only are law commerce degrees creating a host of legal greats within the profession, some of them are even going on to create careers outside of law. From politics to music and literature, here are a few names that have successfully branched out of the traditional lawyers realm, but still use what they learned in their legal studies.

Barack Obama

Labeled as the most powerful person in the world, Barack Obama graduated from the renowned Harvard Law School. This two-term American president also lectured Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.

Hilary Clinton

As the 67th American Secretary of State and a forerunner in this presidential election, Hilary stands to become the first female president of the United States of America. She’s a graduate of the prestigious Yale law school.

John Grisham

This bestselling author is known for his crime novels, but did you know he’s also a qualified lawyer? After his first tax law degree, he decided that criminal law was much better suited to him. As a result, this change provided a host of material to base his novels on.

Gerard Butler

Best known for his role in the epic film 300, Gerard Butler got a degree in law and even worked as a trainee lawyer for several years at a law firm in Edinburgh, Scotland. When he was just a week away from completing his articles, he was fired. This worked in his favour though as he then began pursuing acting.

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