Three tips to beat anxiety and get more done

3 tips to beat anxiety and get more done degree in communications

There’s nothing quite like anxiety to derail you from productive habits and reaching your goals. Whether you’re studying a degree in communications like a BA corporate communication or various other degrees, you should know that we are all affected by anxiety. Although this can vary and that those dealing with more severe symptoms should speak to a medical professional, there are a few tips that might help.

To perform well in your academics, whether you’re studying a degree in communications like a BA communication, or any other qualification, will encounter a host of deadlines and pressures. Don’t let feelings of anxiety stand in your way. It is important to understand how anxious feelings impact your productivity. The Yerkes-Dodson Law states that performance can increase with stress and anxiety but only to a certain extent. When stress passes this level, your performance begins to dip drastically.

To put it plainly, not enough anxiety and you will lack the motivation to do anything. On the other side of the coin, too much stress and you’ll be too overwhelmed to function. When our levels are just right, we can use these feelings to drive performance and productivity. This means that you can manage your anxiety and use it to your advantage. Here’s how you can manage yours and fuel your hunger for success.

Think about what your anxious feelings are trying to tell you

Your anxiety is something that gives you important insights into yourself, your feelings, environment and even your future. As a result, we should be looking towards what information it is trying to tell us. Most of the time, it extends to what we worry about and fear most. If you find yourself encountering anxiety ahead of a huge deadline, this could stem from the fact that you once missed an important cut off and failed. By tuning into what our feelings are telling us, we’ll be more aware of what we need to do to overcome obstacles that stand in our way. It might take some time to get to the root of your anxiety but once you know, you’ll be better off for it.

Take it and let it inspire you

Once you know why you feel anxious and what it’s trying to tell you, you’ll be able to use these feelings for your own benefit and take action. The reality is quite simple, you are in control of your anxiety and what it can or can’t do. This means that you can steer yourself and your feelings in any direction that you choose. When you consider that, those uneasy feelings are a little easier to shake.

Don’t let your future be a worry

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