Why should you choose a BA Communication degree?

Bcom degree

If you’re currently looking at your options for tertiary studies, you’ve got a big choice to make. Whilst this might seem daunting, it’s actually very exciting! At The IIE’s Varsity College, we focus on skills that prepare you to thrive in your career once you graduate. We call this New World Thinking. We teach you a variety of skills which include problem solving and critical thinking, and as a result, studying an IIE BA Communication degree with us provides strategic communication and leadership skills that make you stand out.

There are several reasons why a BA Communication degree is a great choice for success in your chosen industry. Whilst the list is quite substantial, we’ve narrowed it down to a few points that could help you make your decision.

Communication skills for the modern age

ba communication

With the world evolving at a rapid pace, shouldn’t your skills be doing the same? Although communication theory is a great start to mastering the concepts offered by this qualification, we don’t just stop there. We’re also focused on the skills that give you an advantage in today’s working world. For this reason, our take on new world thinking helps you stand out, regardless of the industry you choose. When you’ve got a respected IIE degree behind you and a highly in-demand skill-set, there’s no reason why you can’t excel in your career. With this degree, you’ll be able to write, speak and present effectively. This has an important place in your personal and professional life. Even if you decide to choose a different career path one day, you’ll never not need good communication skills.

Multiple job opportunities

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Finding a job you love and progressing in it seems to be getting harder. This is because every graduate is working twice as hard to set themselves apart. As a result, choosing a degree that gives you a number of career avenues is a good idea because then you can keep your options open. This is useful should you want a change of scenery or a new challenge later on. A BA communications degree is a great way to open the doors of opportunity across the realms of advertising, marketing, media, sales, PR, journalism, editing and more.

A chance to reach the top

bachelor of commerce degree

Studies have shown that those who can communicate are more likely to get considered for promotions. This means that a degree like this one could very well increase your chances of going further in a company. With good leaders needing to communicate, it comes as no surprise that management positions tend to go to those who can do this well. Being able to network also relies on effective communication skills. This means that a conversation with the right person at the right time could result in your dream job.

Got any questions? Let’s chat.

bcom degree

At The IIE’s Varsity College, we recommend booking an interview with a Student Advisor to give us insight into what makes you tick. It’s how we get to know your interests, goals and dreams for the future. Thereafter, our student advisors can help you choose an IIE qualification that combines all of the above. An interview is also a great time to check out your nearest campus and ask us any questions that you might have. For more on the IIE Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication and how it promotes a new world thinking that takes you places, get in touch with The IIE’s Varsity College.

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