Daphney Maruana
Derek Bestel

Daphney Maruana

Digital Marketing and Hospitality Manager

IIE Bachelor of Corporate Communication
The IIE’s Varsity College Sandton
Company: Pharoah Auto Investment

Describe your daily duties:
Managing and monitoring the company websites and social media. Mainly taking photographs of new cars and loading them to our website and marketing them on social media.

In terms of hospitality, I welcome clients and making sure that they are assisted and ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the services that they receive from the dealership. I also assist our existing clients that may encounter problems with our products, my manager and I laisse with the client to come to some sort of agreement.

Why did you choose the qualification you studied?
I have always enjoyed solving problems, or should I say drama. I chose it because there was no mathematics and mainly because I knew I was going to enjoy myself and I wanted to be that person that brings change in an organisation, that person that can persuade people.

Is your qualification relevant to your job? If so, did your studies adequately prepare you for your job?
Yes, it is relevant to my job. Theoretically it did prepare me but practically I had to learn to meet deadlines, to deal with different people and how to adjust to the working environment. This is not something that is taught in school.

What is your greatest career achievement to date?
Obtaining my IIE BACC degree.

What are your future career plans?
My future plans would be running my own company one day. I have this entrepreneurial hunger that was instilled by my family whilst growing up. I have small businesses that I have been working on from when was still in college and I would love to see one of them grow into something big.

How has the Career Centre assisted you while you were at The IIE’s Varsity College?
The Career Centre was not just a place where I went when I was looking for part-time job. For me, it was place where I learned how to draft my CV and how to sell my own brand. It was a place where I learned that no matter how many qualifications you have, if your social media presence is negative or provocative in any manner, this could be a red flag and no organisation would want to be associated with such. The Career Centre has assisted me in understanding the kind of a person I am and how to handle myself when faced with challenges that may occur in the work place.

What was the one thing that stood out the most for you about The IIE’s Varsity College?
VC Cares was the one thing I enjoyed the most and just being there for the under privileged kids and the old age homes that we visited, those are the things that warmed my heart more than anything.

What advice would you give to students who are looking for or about to embark on their first job?
Firstly, access the Career Centre to improve your CV and learn more about your brand (yourself) and how to sell it. But, overall, prepare yourself for disappointments, as you will not get every job you interview for and if you secure an interview, make sure to go back to the Career Centre Coordinator to prepare for it. Most importantly, volunteer! What you see on TV isn’t always a true reflection of your dream job, you will have to work hard to earn your job title. Never look down on ‘’easy’’ or ‘’stupid’’ tasks as that is a piece of puzzle that adds to the bigger picture.