Calvin Duffus

Calvin Duffus

Community Manager

IIE Bachelor of Commerce
The IIE’s Varsity College Cape Town
Company: Feastfox

If you had to give one word to describe yourself, what would that word be?


Description of your duties on a daily basis

I am the connection between the company and its users, building relationships to help grow the community and the level of connectivity amongst users and each other along with our team and each person individually. Our ethos is very hands on and customer satisfaction orientated. I perform an array of administrative roles too from uploading users from our database to Mailchimp and other applications we use. As we are a start-up, one week can be very different from another. For instance, I just completed a week of UX testing and product research to help us better understand how users use our app and how we can give them exactly what they looking for.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Meeting new people and helping build an app from the ground up that I believe will change the way we eat out.

Is your qualification relevant to your job? If so, did your studies adequately prepare you for your job?

Yes, as I interact a lot with people and the marketing degree had a lot of emphasis on reading different target markets and how to respond appropriately. Yes, my studies did prepare me, and I enjoyed the smaller classes and the ability to debate with the lecturer every chance I got, which helped me understand the topic at hand within a more practical environment.

What led you to decide on your chosen career?

I have always had this dream since I was little to take a small company that no one really knows about, but has an abundance of potential, and turn it into a Forbes 500 listed company. I love food and meeting people and technology is definitely a step that every single person finishing their studies needs to step into. Atlas Feastfox is a booking/food app that is in its startup phase and has the potential to grow.

Tell us about your career path to date?

During my final years at Reddam, I did a few part time jobs. After matriculating, my parents were very adamant that I go out and make it on my own. I worked on yachts which led me to China to teach English for a year. When I returned to Cape Town I knew I needed a job and that I needed to further my studies and started studying IIE BCom at The IIE’s Varsity College. In my final year, I knew I needed experience and an internship was the way to go. Someone told me that start-ups usually have the potential to grow and you can quickly move from intern to a more fixed position. Feastfox had a vacancy that I applied for and started working in September 2017. A year later I have become the Community Manager and looking to move to the USA where we will launch in Seattle.

What are your future career plans?

To open Feastfox and head different states in the USA and be a part of the Product & Community team worldwide.

Do you have any key mentors or people who have played an important role in your life or in your career success to date?

My parents have always pushed me to think differently and logically and to do better. At Feastfox the team itself is very small. Only three people are in Cape Town, two in the USA and two Developers in Hungary. This made our dynamic very hands-on and the hierarchy very flat. I have two mentors in Feastfox: Stu our Country Head who has helped me a lot with my growth and development, and Ginger our Marketing Head in the USA.

Tell us about your time at The IIE’s Varsity College.

My time was fun and made friends that I will keep for life. I enjoyed the structure of the classes. The best was the small classes. I enjoyed debates and creating scenarios to better understand topics. I joined the SLB where I helped arrange and control the O-week, Fashion Show (which I participated in) and many meridian hour week events.

What advice would you give to students who are looking for or about to embark on their first job?

Be the first to arrive and last to leave. Look for jobs at smaller companies as I believe you will be able to grow quicker than if you start at the bottom of a big company. Also, start-ups have more duties that help you grow quickly and you will never become bored. Always ask questions but first try to obtain answers to questions online. If it takes you longer than 5 minutes to find the answer then ask someone. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.