Academic Support

Throughout the year, Varsity College librarians provide training and guidance to students with regards to digital, information and general academic literacy.

Practical workshops are timetabled to ensure that students acquire vital skills that will contribute towards their success at VC and beyond. These include:

  • Effective assignment research
  • Correct referencing
  • Plagiarism
  • Database training (e.g. EBSCO, Jutastat and Sabinet).

Speak to your librarian about these optional sessions, or learn more about the specifics of our academic support, skills development and training here.

Digital citizenship:

Varsity College librarians are actively involved in ensuring that students are responsible, digitally literate online citizens. In other words, that they know how to use technology to gather and convey information in a respectful, legally compliant way. These are essential skills in an age where ideas are a major asset.

There are nine aspects to Digital Citizenship: access, responsibility, security, safety, etiquette, commerce, communication, rights and education.

Learn more about digital citizenship sites here:

Training programme:

Librarians offers a wide range of individual/group training sessions with the main focus on enhancing the information and digital literacy skills of all VC students and staff. These workshops can include everything from basic library orientation to search skills and more advanced information retrieval strategies. To arrange a session, consult your campus librarian.


We use the Harvard method of referencing at Varsity College. Failure to accurately acknowledge sources used in your assignments could result in a charge of plagiarism – VC uses the Turnitin software to detect plagiarism – and/or possible disciplinary action. However, correct referencing is no as difficult as it seems. Librarians provide training workshops and individual sessions on correct referencing practices. Speak to your campus librarian for assistance.

Information management apps and online tools:

Librarians can point you to various apps, sites and online programmes that will help you minimise hassles when completing assignments.

Info/File management tools
Social media, communication networks and learning platforms
Brainstorming and ideas generation
Creating first-class, dynamic presentations
Automatic bibliography creation