School of Law


The IIE’s Varsity College School of Law is a part of The IIE’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

The overarching vision of The School of Law at The IIE’s Varsity College is to produce high performing, quality graduates who are equipped to thrive in the evolving landscape of the legal profession. Our small classes allow for collaborative and interactive debates, discussions on topical legal issues and our Law Information Evenings, Career Fairs and public lectures give our students the opportunity to network with members of the legal profession. School of Law students are enabled to take an active role in using their legal skills to create meaningful change in the careers that they pursue. These skills include trial advocacy, critical reasoning, and team work. Law is multifaceted and allows students to become social engineers of change, and the opportunity to possess professional credibility as global citizens.

IIE Bachelor of Laws

A 4 year degree preparing graduates for work and practice in the field of law in South Africa.

IIE Bachelor of Commerce in Law

This degree will appeal to you if the worlds of business and law hold your interest.

IIE Higher Certificate in Legal Studies

Interested in commencing or furthering a career within the legal environment. Read more about this qualification.