Information Resources

Whether you have embraced the age of online research, or still prefer to physically thumb through good ol’ reference books page by page, Varsity College campus Information Centres ensure you have easy access to the up-to-date, relevant information you need.

1 Information Centre access

Access control at the VC Information Centres requires a valid student card. Students who do not have their student card will not be allowed inside until they have provided a valid identification document.

2 Photocopying and printing

A photocopier is available for both photocopying and printing. Students need to purchase printing and photocopying credits at the cashier and then present their receipt to the IT administrator who will then load credits onto the student’s student card. Please refer to the printing and photocopier procedures in the Information Centre for more information.

3 Information Centre orientation and information services

Information Centre orientation and training on how to use the online databases is provided by campus Information Specialists. To arrange a session, please contact your campus Information Specialist directly.

4 An online information service

To find specific books, articles and other information resources in your campus, use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) search box on this site, here.

5 Internet

Varsity College Information Centres provide free access to the Internet for academic purposes. Please make bookings at the Information Specialists desk to reserve a Information Centre computer. Each Information Centre has a wireless network point for access to Internet resources and/or those resources available on the Information Centre website (such as e-databases, e-journals and e-books).

6 Wireless Internet access

Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available on every VC campus and there are network points in each Information Centre for laptops registered for use on that campus. Speak to your Information Specialists for access instructions.