Student Appointment “Superbalist Voucher” Rules
This promotion is conducted by Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), by entering the promotion you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions...
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4 ways for graduates to gain a competitive advantage in the job market
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What to look for when choosing a tertiary institution in South Africa
What do you look for when choosing a tertiary institution in South Africa? We’re breaking it down here.
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South Africa needs both public and private universities, private alone not the answer ADvTECH
There has been a growing narrative of misinformation related to “private universities” within the context of the crisis in the public higher education sector, says Roy Douglas, CEO of ADvTECH Ltd
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Leadership committed to quality education
Justice Malala at the first annual Engaging Exchange
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Students opting to study towards BCom and other business-related degrees at private higher education institutions are consistently and substantially increasing year-on-year
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Colleges vs universities, do you know the facts?
The recent #feesmustfall university protests have thrown South African higher education into the spotlight. This has left many people wondering what the difference is between colleges in South Africa
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Matrics: How to stay on top of the study game right until the end
With the matric exams in full swing and one or two subject papers ticked off the list, the Class of 2015 is likely to start glimpsing the freedom that lies just a few weeks away
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Varsity College wins big at Mace 2015 Excellence Awards
The achievements of higher education institutions were recognised and celebrated once again at this years’ MACE Higher and Further Education Excellence Awards.
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Matrics: social media will make you ‘like’ your final prep a little more
With the SA National Senior Certificate Exams set to kick off in two weeks’ time, matrics should now start putting the final touches on their preparation for probably the most important exams in their
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