Why you need a weekly digital detox

Why you need a weekly digital detox bsc degree

Technology has infiltrated every area of our lives. If you consider how often you engage with a gadget or an aspect of software development, it’s clear that we’ve come to rely on the tech we use each day. It’s become an integral part of the way we work, with apps and clever programming assisting us in getting things done. It can also be found when we study, with carefully created platforms and devices changing the way we learn. Although, you don’t need to be studying a computer science qualification like a BSC degree to appreciate the wonders of tech. It’s something we all benefit from.

We can’t deny the numerous pros but there are a few pitfalls that impact us. Recently, neuroscientists have conducted a series of studies that have demonstrated the impact of technology, more so the internet on the human mind. The results are quite alarming and raise a few red flags on our use of the web. Whether you’re studying a BSC degree or business programme, here’s why you might want to consider a digital detox one day every week.

The internet can reprogram your brain

What? Whilst the internet throws open the doors to new information, it comes with a side-effect, it can make our minds less effective. This is because we’re so used to finding things online, that we’re less likely to retain the facts we discover in this manner.

Over-exposure can be addictive

Think about social media use and how habitual it becomes. If you wake up in the morning and start scrolling through your feeds, you might be addicted. For gamers, the online world is a very enticing one that isn’t easy to break away from. This makes a weekly detox of 24-hours without the internet a good way to make sure you can still cope without it.

Too much can trigger negative emotions

These studies have also shown that an over-use of the internet can foster feelings of loneliness and even jealousy. As a result, the risk of suicide has even increased especially in teenagers. It can also make you less empathetic too. This makes it more important than ever to educate young people and ourselves on the pitfalls of too much online activity.

It can cause insomnia

An inability to fall asleep is yet another downside to over-use of the internet. When you consider the mood and performance side effects of no sleep, relying a little less on the online world could do us a world of good.

What does a weekly digital detox mean?

  • Pick one day of the week where you don’t use the internet
  • Make this a full 24 hours
  • Choose to fill your time with other activities like reading, cooking or doing crafts
  • Use this day to catch up with friends and family in person instead of via apps

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