Why you need a hobby

Why you need a LLB hobby

Even the most successful people in the world make time for hobbies. Why? As it turns out, they give you peace of mind and a frame of reference that no professional occupation can beat. If you’ve chosen an LLB with a dream to become an attorney, advocate, legal advisor or work in corporate governance, you’ll be busy. That said, you should still pursue your hobbies.

Some of the greatest inventors of all time might have shared an ability to innovate but they also shared a love for having several hobbies. Before you start justifying that your new side project is a hobby, you should know that it isn’t. Anything that makes you money isn’t a hobby. This is because it still requires a mental and emotional investment that can prove to be stressful. As a result, it helps to choose a pastime that isn’t associated with an element of work for financial gain. Your hobby doesn’t even have to tie in with your degree. Sure, you’re studying an LLB but you can still pursue the guitar or even poetry if you like. There are no rules to this!

Why should you commit to at least one hobby?

It expands your perspective

One of the greatest assets you can own is a broad perspective. This breadth of experience helps enhance your creativity, problem-solving, relationship building and agility. It also helps boost your empathy because you’re able to understand people and situations at a higher level.

It lets you truly switch off

We all like to think that our minds switch off when we get home from work or lectures but we’re often still caught up in emails and social media. Getting stuck into a hobby is a great way to take your mind off the pressures of a long day. In doing so, you give yourself a break from the stresses of the day before you’re thrown back into the same environment when the new morning rolls around.

It allows you to meet new people that you wouldn’t ordinarily mix with

Sometimes, the hobbies you choose expose you to an entirely new group of individuals. Under normal circumstances, you might never have befriended them. During your painting sessions or cycling trips however, you get to know people that you click with for different reasons. This is good for the soul and also for our own self-awareness. The more time we spend with those who differ from ourselves, the more respect we gain for people from all walks of life.

It brings you so much joy

Yes, working and taking home a salary every month or studying and passing an exam can make you happy. How about doing something without any expectation of getting anything in return? Hobbies bring you an unspoilt joy because you’re investing your time, money and self into something that you really enjoy. After all, isn’t that what life’s about?

Start thinking of the future

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