Why The IIE Bachelor of Arts is such a versatile and effective degree

Why The IIE Bachelor of Arts is such a versatile and effective degree

When it comes to choosing a degree that unlocks many opportunities, a bachelor of arts in communications is definitely a wise choice... With a variety of study areas that boost valuable skillsets for a multitude of industries, this art degree has become a popular study option.

As a broad-based degree, a bachelor of arts in communications offers a choice of three disciplines in which to specialise. From English, to Communications and even Psychology, you can select your two disciplines to suit your interests and potential career options. These are normally chosen in the second year of the programme, after a year of studying all three. So by the time you need to select your specialisations, you’ll have a good idea of what stands out the most for you.

This degree leaves graduates competent and prepared to work within a wide variety of sectors and organisations. With a strong emphasis on written and spoken skills, a bachelor of arts fosters a strong sense of thinking, reasoning and understanding. This makes graduates competent and logical, fit for many situations posed by the working world.

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them." - William Arthur Ward

The IIE Bachelor of Arts provides a great foundation to organisational communication, honing skills in the process. With a focus on communication skills, this degree makes graduates an asset to any organisation. This is because communication skills are a must for success no matter the nature of a business or industry.

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