Why Choose a Degree in Communications?

Why Choose a Degree in Communications?

There’s a new kid on the corporate qualifications block and it might just surprise you! A degree in communication has fast become a popular choice amongst those looking to excel in the business world.

In the age of competitive business environments, communication skills are held in high regard for their abilities to help organisations reach their goals and retain their staff. Corporate communication has been hailed as one of the most important components for success both as a company and as an individual. So, if you’re looking to climb that corporate ladder, best you give your communication skills a boost!

Communication within the workplace is also essential to solving or eliminating conflict. This is because it gives employees and management a chance to settle disputes through open channels of communication.

Marketing is another popular choice for BCom graduates. This is because the world of marketing offers a host of opportunities for the broad-based Bachelors of Commerce. From brand development to brand building, you could be the go-to employee in your marketing department with a BCom!

degree in communication The right skill set is essential to getting ahead in the world of corporate communication.

Communication has also opened the door to new job categories like the in-demand communication strategist! This makes a degree in communication even more essential for those looking to join the ranks of the corporate world.

A bright future starts with a qualification that helps you stand out. The IIE’s Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication at Varsity College is both accredited and recognised. As a brand of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), we strive to give our students programmes that really count.

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