What you might not know about getting an Honours

​For many, a BCom Honours is a logical and effective choice when it comes to getting ahead in their careers. Whether you're furthering your part-time BCom to embrace new opportunities or because you enjoy continuous learning, there are loads of benefits that come with an honours. From higher pay to a better position, to even a sense of achievement, the list speaks for itself.

Whilst many already know these benefits, there are often a few things that people don't know about getting an IIE BCom Honours. At The IIE's Varsity College, we know what employers want. It's why our unique new world thinking approach to education delivers the skills you need to boost your CV and help you get the career you've always wanted. With stronger problem-solving and critical thinking learned at The IIE's Varsity College, you learn to navigate any challenge and come out on top.

Here's what you might not know about getting that Honours degree.

It'll require a bit of juggling

Many choose to do their Honours whilst they're already working. Whilst this is admirable, it does come with a certain degree of pressure to manage it all. This includes workplace responsibilities, family commitments and even finding time for you. It'll take some effort to strike the right balance but with dedication and discipline you'll certainly get there.

There will be sacrifices

Studying a degree like this one isn't without its sacrifices. There might be instances where you need to miss out on gatherings with friends to study or work on your thesis. That's okay, just keep the end goal in sight and remember what you're striving for. This will make those sacrifices easier to make.

You might make some new friends

Nothing unites people more than sharing a similar situation or challenge. When you're doing your Honours, you will come to meet a few fresh faces who could go on to become lifelong friends. It's part of the process and there's nothing better than sharing ideas and helping each other out. You'll also be able to motivate one another when stressful times come, pushing each other to the finish line.

You can do this!

There might be times where you want to give up but don't. Remember the old saying of "this too shall pass." When trying instances come, be sure to keep your head down and keep going. One day when you've completed your Honours, you'll be really glad you did. A belief in yourself and your capabilities is a must to get you through the lows but bear in mind that the highs and opportunities that come after are worth the effort.

Further yourself. Invest in your future

Whether you finish your honours record time or part-time, The IIE's Varsity College are with you all the way. This means academic support and a community of others just like you who are hungry for opportunity. With access to support made available to you if you choose, why wouldn't you want to pursue an IIE BCom undergrad or honours degree with the part-time division at The IIE's Varsity College?