What can you do with an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices?

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How far can a business administration course take you? Here are just some of the career paths you can follow with an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practice

The skills you gain

Before we take a look at the potential career paths you can take, let’s take a quick look at the skills you’ll gain through this programme. The IIE’s Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practice teaches you various skills you’ll need to thrive in the business world. Communication skills, end-user computing, accounting, project administration and public relations are some of them.

Project Administrator

In this highly competitive business world, the survival of a company depends on its ability to produce high quality products and deliver the best possible services. The time in which these are delivered also plays a massive part in a business’ success. A project manager will help reduce the time it takes to get these products and services to the market. A good project manager also helps control expenses and enhance profitability. At Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), you’ll learn how to do all this and more to an exceptional standard. With an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices you’ll be guaranteed to add value to the company you work for.

Office Administrator

An office administrator conducts clerical duties such as responding to emails, preparing documents, filing, arranging project deliverables, monitoring production staff and answering calls. They also schedule meetings and some make travel arrangements for the senior members of the company. Accounting is a necessary skill for office administrators to have to help them with invoicing and budget tracking.

The communication, accounting and end-user computing skills that you learn at The IIE’s Varsity College will not only help you make a name for yourself, but will also land you in good stead for that promotion.

Assistant Project Manager

An assistant project manager is another career that is open to you once you’ve completed your higher certificate with us. An assistant project manager communicates with clients about the specific goals they wish to achieve. They are also tasked with creating invoices, preparing quotes and estimates, alerting superiors to any delays that might occur and scanning and archiving important documents and information like blueprints, schematics, etc. for future access.

General Assistant Manager

A general assistant manager is required to supervise workers, manage schedules and inventories. Communication skills play an important part in a general assistant manager’s work. You will be representing your company when dealing with clients and when managing staff and workforce. There are a lot of responsibilities given to the assistant general manager so time management and multitasking are both crucial skills you’ll need to master. General assistant managers also oversee recruitment processes and interview potential new employees. This means that you will need to identify the necessary skills required for the position, be able to interact with the interviewee and ask the right questions.

These are just some of the main career paths that you can take once you’ve earned from your IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practice at Varsity College. Pursue any career in the business world with our help. Learn more about this useful programme on our website here.