Varsity College and the Mercury Partner to Create the Project Life


In collaboration with experienced Life Orientation teachers, Varsity College has created a teaching programme called ‘Project Life’, aimed at giving Grade 10’s some of the softer skills assistance they will need to make wise choices about their future, based on self-awareness.

The programme runs from 11 February to 28 March, and the syllabus is available through Grade 10 Life Orientation teachers as well as The Mercury newspaper. The partnership with The Mercury means that ‘Project Life’ can be passed on to as many learners and teachers as possible.

This training programme came about in order to help increase self-awareness, help Grade 10’s to understand their interaction with the world, educate them on the skills that they will be needing and assist in building self-esteem.

The project aims to supplement the work that Life Orientation teachers are currently doing in this area, assisting learners to understand the opportunities, resources and career possibilities they are likely to face once they leave school and possibly higher or tertiary education.

The programme covers personal development, skills development, personal brand building and social media, as well as an understanding of democracy and human rights.

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