Unusual Careers in today’s world

​An ever-evolving world means the emergence of some very unique careers. Think back to when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook. He clearly had no idea that the platform would come to create entirely new job opportunities like digital content creators, community managers and even online advert experts. It's why studying broad-based degrees like Bachelors of commerce place you in a position to adapt to almost any career you choose.


Not only does an IIE BCom offer you flexibility, it's also backed by our New World thinking. An approach to academics that equips students with the strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills that every employer looks for. No matter which core discipline you choose to major in when you choose to study a Bachelors of commerce, you'll always be ready for the challenges of your chosen field. This includes those unexpected career opportunities that emerge with the changing times. Here are a few interesting jobs that reflect the modern world we live in today.


Online Reviewer

Are you someone who your friends and family trust to give honest feedback on products and services? If you are, you might already be the perfect person to embrace a career as an online reviewer. Thanks to the popularity of sites like Hello Peter and TripAdvisor, online reviewers are in demand. This includes the likes of blogs and even posts on social media to evaluate whether others should or shouldn't buy what you've just purchased. Depending on the size of your following, you could stand to earn an attractive sum of money per review. You could gain sponsorships and endorsements too.



Interested in the world of logistics? You might just be the perfect person to become a logistician. As the experts in the supply chain world, they make sure that products move from point A to B, before ending up in the homes of consumers. They're also in control every stage of the product material acquisitions process including storage and transportation.


Ethical Hacking

Yes, there are hackers who use their skills for ill-gotten gains but there are a few heroes who have emerged in more recent times. Ethical hackers are the good guys. They exist to hack into a company's software to test how secure it is. Not only does this result in stronger overall security but it also ensures that no sinister hackers access it in the future.


Industrial Psychologist

This job has been around for quite some time but that takes nothing away from how unique it is. These are psychology professionals who apply their knowledge to the workplace in order to improve the organisational climate. They also help determine how to increase a business' productivity, boost employee morale, hire the correct people and even create company policies. This career choice involves dealing with people and being the middle man between staff and management as well as knowing how to get the best out of both.


Be ready for anything

At The IIE's Varsity College, our New World thinking arms graduates with everything they need to overcome challenges in the modern world of work. To read more on the IIE BCom qualification, please click here.


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