Unconventional ways to grow a business

If you’re in the middle of an IIE Bachelor of Commerce degree with dreams of starting your own business, you’re not alone. Many of us have goals to put that entrepreneurial spirit to good use. This means that there’s no shortage of good ideas. What there is a shortage of, however, is the willingness to make them happen. In a very competitive world, business skills alone aren’t enough to make your start-up a successful one. Sometimes, you need to think a little more out of the box.

These days, business owners are using their Bachelor of Commerce degree along with a few unconventional ideas to make things happen for themselves. This can be seen across brands and businesses in all sectors. Whether it’s small to medium enterprises or global giants, everyone is looking for interesting ways to get noticed and build loyalty with their customers.

Going above and beyond is the first step to success. Why? It’s no longer enough just to meet consumer needs through the product or service that you offer. Today, doing that is considered the bare minimum. You need to offer your target market more than what they’re asking for. This could be providing them with educational information, additional ways to use your product, impressive special offers or even new releases. Take Apple for example. Many of us already have their devices but they still keep us on the hook with new releases time and time again.

An improved approach to business management will also help grow a business in today’s world. We suggest viewing and treating your staff the same way you would those customers who expect way too much. If you can’t treat your employees like they’re the most important people in the world to your business, you’ll risk losing them to someone who will. High staff turnover is a killer for any company. It’s why every boss needs to do better and show up for their employees.

Then, it’s time to bring in the strategic management side of things. Knowing what drives your business is the key to keeping it going. In the same breath, no product in the world can make up for not having a purpose. More than that, the purpose really needs to resonate with your audience. Do you care about the environment or making a difference to the world around you? Decide what that purpose is and make it the very heart of everything you do.

Our New World thinking is unconventional too

In a world that’s always changing, the way we learn should be evolving too. That’s why our New World thinking is designed to give our candidates the skills they need to make their mark on their chosen industry. From stronger problem-solving to better critical thinking, our graduates are highly-employable and ready for any kind of challenge. This makes an IIE qualification from The IIE’s Varsity College a welcomed addition to any CV. Curious about The IIE Bachelor of Commerce? Please click here to read more now.

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