The low down on becoming a paralegal

legal assistant certificate

Pursue those legal interests without studying for years

If you find the legal field interesting but would rather not complete a seven-year qualification, you might want to consider a legal assistant certificate. It’s just as rewarding as any other legal career and you’ll get to be at the right hand of many powerful people.

As a legal assistant, you’ll have a few important duties to fulfil. These include the likes of organising court documentation, helping attorneys with caseloads and even legal research.

By studying a legal assistant certificate, you’ll be qualified to execute a host of tasks in the legislative world. Based on the foundational legal skills you’ll gain from this programme, you’ll be equipped to do the following:

  • Conduct research on regulations, laws and legal documents.
  • Adequately investigate the facts surrounding a case.
  • Collect and arrange legal documents and evidence for legal practitioners to review and prepare cases.
  • Construct and maintain legal documents in physical or digital filing systems.
  • Write reports to help attorneys prepare for trials.
  • Draw up contractual agreements.
  • Get formal statements that could be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Reviewing transcripts from trials.
  • Contacting witnesses, lawyers, clients and external parties to set up meetings and interviews pertinent to cases

The above are definite duties that legal assistants can expect to take up once in the field. However, it should be noted that these tasks could depend on the size of the law firm you end up working for. It also relies on the area of law that you work in. Smaller firms might see these tasks changing slightly but in general, small firms tend to offer greater opportunities. This is based on the fact that small entities have fewer staff, thus they’ll utilise their employees on more important tasks.

Larger firms could see paralegals working on certain phases of each case instead of being involved from start to finish. This will also depend on which area of law you end up working in. From litigation to criminal law, personal injury, corporate law, immigration, bankruptcy and beyond, there are many options to consider.

Teamwork is also an essential part of being a legal assistant. This is because you will be working alongside other legal professionals and support staff. It also involves a lot of communication with others, so skills in this area are key.

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