Teaching as a career

Teaching as a career

If you’ve ever sat in a classroom, you’ll know that being a teacher is a massive responsibility. As a teacher you’ll be nurturing young minds. You’ll be helping to instil the knowledge, skills and confidence that children need to succeed in life; to achieve their goals and contribute to society. Teachers play a massively influential role; for this reason it’s in your interest to consider teaching as a career.

The most important thing to look for in a career in teaching is a healthy balance of theory and practical work. You can read and learn all the academic theory there is about teaching, but it will still not prepare you for the reality of standing in a classroom full of children.

How do you get possibly disinterested boys and girls to engage with you? Can you project your voice over the noise of a classroom? Do you command respect and encourage discipline? Do you know how to effectively use education technology like overhead projectors or cutting-edge interactive smart boards?

It’s for this reason that actual classroom practice is a compulsory component of the two teaching qualifications for which Varsity College offers tuition support. Whether you are interested in Foundation Phase (ages 0-9) or Intermediate/Senior Phase (ages 10-14) teaching, you will spend time in schools every year that you are studying towards your Bachelor of Education (BEd) Degree.

You can also be confident that your three-year qualification is of a high standard, and is recognised by potential employers as such. Varsity College is an official licensee of UNISA, and the two full-time BEd Degrees supported by VC are conferred by UNISA. With such well-respected teaching programme, the opportunities are vast – whether you want to be a hands-on teacher or assume more of a management role within a school, or the Education Department as a whole.