Getting to Grips with Project Administration

Getting to Grips with Project Administration

Understanding the ins and outs of project administration means strengthening your business skills with the right blend of theoretical and practical experience.

If you’ve got big dreams to take on the business world, chances are you’re already aware of what project administration entails and what you need to do to master it.

First, you should probably look into studying some sort of project administration course. This is because you need a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge before you can enter into the field. Once you have a good qualification under your belt, you can start looking into career opportunities. Theory will also give you something to apply once you enter into the industry, making it an important component to get you started. Bearing in mind that every job is made up of theoretical and practical components, you can’t have one without the other. This is what makes a recognised programme the key to getting you and your career, on the right track.

"By studying The IIE’s Higher Certificate in Business Principles & Practice at Varsity College, you could give yourself the right start to your career in business."

The IIE’s Higher Certificate in Business Principles & Practice is an ideal one-year management qualification for those looking to venture into communications and project administration. Comprising the right blend of business skills, this programme is popular among students interested in business, entrepreneurship, public relations, accounting and user-end computing.

Should you pursue this popular and respected programme, you could find yourself in the realm of project or office administration, project management, or even in a managerial position.

As part of the Independent Institute of Education, VC offers students accredited programmes that take them further faster. The IIE is South Africa's largest private higher education institution that offers career-oriented higher education qualifications from Higher Certificate to Masters levels. With a keen focus on the integration of theory and its application within the modern world of work, students complete their studies ready for the working world and all that it brings. On an international scale, the IIE is accredited by the British Accreditation Council, making for more recognised programmes for all our students.

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