Take a look at courses in teaching and learn how not to teach

Take a look at courses in teaching and learn how not to teach

There are quite a few different courses in teaching out there that you can look at, some better than others. But all of them hope to get you into possibly one the most personally rewarding careers.

But it’s likely you already know that. You already know all about wanting to help students reach their fullest potential - to see that moment of understanding come across a group’s face after they finally understand a difficult topic.

How you get to that point when a student understands a difficult point can be tricky. One of the ways that seems popular with successful teachers is in fact not to teach. What they do instead is to give the learners practical examples that get their curiosity flowing and then let them teach themselves by looking for more information.

But this isn’t always practical. How many students would want to learn on their own about long division or complex chemistry? Learning the theories behind teaching can be useful with these types of subjects and can even be useful for the type of subjects that are very interesting for learners.

Choosing the right institution to help decide between the many different courses in teaching such as a Bachelor in Education (BEd: Intermediate and Senior Phase) is just as important as choosing the right age group you’d like to choose.

At Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), we offer tuition support for Bachelor in Education (BEd: Intermediate and Senior Phase). Our interactive learning environments, blended learning and collaborative approach to education will help you build your understanding and your ability to think critically.

The IIE degrees, diplomas and certificates are offered at Varsity College campuses.  In addition Varsity College offers tuition support for qualifications conferred by the IMM Graduate Institute of Marketing (IMM GSM) and has academic partnerships with international institutions such as the Open University (OU) of the UK and the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM).

If you’re interested in the Bachelor in Education degree, or you’d like to inquire about other programmes available to you, contact Varsity College or visit the Varsity College website at: http://www.varsitycollege.co.za.