Steps for better communication

Steps for Better Communication honours in commerce

The way that we communicate with others is an important skill that facilitates our connections with others. From personal relationships to business management and even business leadership, communication is part of the framework that supports many industries. It’s also the key to success in the working world and even an academic one. If you’re studying a degree like an honours in commerce, communication will play a part in whether or not you pass. From communicating with tutors, fellow students and even friends and family, what you gain from these interactions will have a profound impact on where life takes you.

Much like every other skill, communication can and should be strengthened with a bit of effort. Whether we’ve chosen to study an honours in commerce or even a teaching degree, it’s up to each and every one of us to improve the way we communicate with one another. Here are a few steps to achieve better skills in this area.

Step one: Pause and listen

The first stage of communicating well is how effectively we are at listening. This can be hard to do in moments of excitement or conflict, but it is essential to do so. Through this, we can understand the true meaning of every situation before we attempt to share our own thoughts and feelings. Many of us keep talking because we are in a rush to make our point or be heard. The irony is that in doing so, we’re less likely to be heard.

Step two: Insist on honesty

Honesty in communication is very important for every kind of relationship. Between friends and family or even employers and fellow employees, being open about your intentions and feelings is a good way to build healthy relations. Although there’s a fine line between rudeness and honesty, a lack of transparency is a definite barrier to good communication.

Step three: Recognise nonverbal signs as well

Communication is made up of more than just the words we say. How we say it and the body language we pair with our words can also say more than what we’re letting on. Your tone of voice can also give away our true feelings. To improve the way we communicate, we need to be mindful of our own nonverbal cues as well as learning to interpret those of others. A lack of eye contact can display a lack of interest or even dishonesty, whilst folded arms show defensiveness or feelings of discomfort. A louder voice could symbolise higher levels of emotions or even anger.

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