Reasons to choose a BA Degree

Choosing a qualification is not an easy decision for a lot of students. So, if you’re having a tough time deciding, rest-assured that you’re not alone. This is why our student advisors are always ready to help answer any questions that you might have. It’s also the reason we take the time to write these articles on our programmes and how they can help you have that dream career.

When it comes to a BA Degree, many people are often confused at what they entail and where they can go once they’ve completed one. Whilst not all of them are the same in terms of accreditation and what you’ll be qualified to do, they’re all exciting nonetheless.

In this article, we’ll be placing the spotlight on The IIE Bachelor of Arts degree at Varsity College. This qualification is celebrated by many for its abilities to help candidates get into the media industry, amongst others. Interested? Keep reading and we’ll tell you more.

Here are a few rad reasons to study a BA Degree:

It’s versatile
Do you have may interests? Then a Bachelor of Arts is a great choice for you. With a vast array of learning areas encompassing English, psychology and communications, you can enjoy a bit of everything. Don’t worry, it’s not vague though. You’ll be able to choose your areas of specialisation in your second year. It gives you access to a variety of industries

The great advantage about an art degree is that you aren’t limited to a particular industry or field. Acquiring a media degree means that you’ll be free to explore all the opportunities. This includes media (obviously), advertising, corporates and even government. Even if you’re not completely sure which one you’re destined for yet, you’ll be able to get experience before you decide.

It’s exciting
A Bachelor of Arts is a degree that covers many interesting facets. From English and literature to human psychology and even the world of digital and social media, you’ll get to learn about it all. The tough part will be choosing what your two core disciplines will be because it’s all that awesome.

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