Positive habits that can change your life

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Did you know that it takes over two months for you to develop and accept a new habit? This means that many of us fail not because we couldn’t do it but because we didn’t give it enough time. Whether you’re studying a business management certificate or a programme in communication, we could all do with more healthy habits in our daily lives. This is because we owe it to ourselves to do things that make us feel good daily.

Whilst a business management certificate can help you learn business skills like project administration, it’s on you to ensure that you live a happy, healthy life. If you’re looking to live well, there are several habits that can help you do so.

For starters, watching your time is one the first things that you should be doing. We suggest keeping a time journal in which you write down every activity and how much time it consumes. When it comes to this, try and be as specific as you can so that you can see which things are taking up the most time. In doing so, you’ll be more aware of what your average day consists of and how long it should take you to complete the same tasks. If you find yourself taking longer on certain days, there could be a reason for it such as unnecessary distractions.

On the topic of distractions, another healthy habit to embrace is that of less screen time. As much as our devices like smartphones can be used for the power of good, they also offer temptations that cause us to waste time. When working, we suggest placing your phone away from you and turned over so that you won’t be distracted when the screen lights up. Check your phone between completed tasks and make sure that you don’t compromise on this unless it’s an emergency.

Practising gratitude is another daily habit that we could all do with more of. Each day, you should write down five things that you are grateful for and why you’re thankful for them. This will help you take on the day with a sense of appreciation for why you are doing the tasks that you do. For example, “Today I am grateful for my education because it allows me to advance myself and create a life I can be proud of.” In acknowledging this, you’ll see that any tasks that you do regarding your education will be approached differently because you know that they’re for your own benefit. Gratitude also helps us channel our energy into thinking and acting more positively.

Another important habit that we should all embrace is that of self-awareness. By being self-aware, we’re able to put our best selves into the world and inspire others to do the same. We’re also able to closely examine our own behaviour in an attempt to improve it. By knowing yourself, you’ll be more likely to recognise when something is off or when you need to make a few changes in your life. This will help you avoid things like burn out, stress and even illness.

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