Interview questions designed to trick you

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It’s no secret that our on-campus Career Centres offer our students guidance on job opportunities. One aspect covered here is interview preparations. Completing your undergraduate qualification or a postgraduate like an IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours? You might be entering the working world soon.

  • Landing a job can prove to be a tough feat but we’ll get you ready
  • The interview process can be quite daunting
  • Our Career Centre places a strong focus on interview readiness
  • So you have the best possible shot at getting hired

Whether you’re finishing off your IIE BCom or IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours, here are the interview questions that could trip you up.

Can you describe yourself in one word?

What kind of importance can one word have when it comes to helping you land a job? Apparently more than we think. Through this answer, employers can assess your personality, confidence, work ethic and how you see yourself. Whilst you don’t know what they’re looking for, you will know what the job description demands. If it’s a position in advertising, “creative” should do the trick. For an accounting job, “meticulous” or “logical” are great as well. “Honest”, “reliable” and “committed” are also good answers. This is because these are the qualities that prospective employers value.

Why do you want to work for us?

This is a question asked because it reveals what drives you, how badly you want the job and how much you know about the company in question. It’s why it pays to look into the organisation before you get to the interview. This kind of research also shows that you understand the company and the industry. Perhaps it’s because they’re industry leaders, they’re super innovative or you share the same values as the business does. Either way, aligning yourself with the entity you’d like to work for is a sure way to get you noticed.

What are some of your weaknesses?

This is a classic interview question and there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll encounter it. When recruiters or employers ask this, they’re looking for reasons to not hire you. These are the red flags that could prevent the business from doing well. It’s why your weaknesses should be ones that could be made into a positive. For example, “I can be too much of a perfectionist”. This tells the employer that although you can be fixated on the finer details, you give everything your full and undivided attention.

What does success mean to you?

Don’t let this one trip you up. Employers are trying to see what motivates you. If you answer with “promotions and pay cheques” you might be overlooked. Instead, try to focus on what will make you feel fulfilled and accomplished. Acceptable answers are the likes of, “following my passion for research communication management”, “learning new skills” and “conquering challenges”. These will show that you aren’t driven by material gain and climbing the ladder. This is important as employers are wary of hiring those whose ambition will take them elsewhere if they don’t grow as fast as they’d hoped to.

Your future is loading

At The IIE’s Varsity College we’re excited for the next steps our graduates are about to take. An IIE Bachelor of Honours programme is a sound postgraduate qualification that gets our students noticed. If you’re looking to complete your studies before taking on the working world, click here visit our website today.

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