Important functions of corporate communications

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Communication will always be key.

Those studying a Bachelor of Arts in Communications will know all about the importance of corporate communication. Without it, some of the world’s biggest corporations would crumble. Here are a few ways that communication can enhance success for any organisation:

  • Communication has an incredible ability to reach people.
  • It allows for the sending out of important messages.
  • It enables staff to work together and achieve business objectives.

Employee Communications

One area covered by the learning material in a Bachelor of Arts in Communications is that of communication between employees.

This is vital to resolving conflict, improving teamwork and even driving staff to achieve common goals. Without it, there would be more disgruntled employees, less productivity and a lot more confusion around the office. During times of change, communication is key to make staff feel secure within the work environment. It also bridges the gap between management and lower level staff, allowing for grievances to be aired. As a result, managerial teams can become more aware of the important issues encountered in the workplace. Another key example of corporate communication is that of internal messages like newsletters and company blogs. These share key news and keep employees in the know.

Crisis Communication

It’s not always smooth sailing for businesses, so communication makes for good damage control.

For any corporation, their reputation is an integral part of what they do. It also drives the uptake of their products and services. This makes communication an important tool for limiting any threats that could impact employee or public safety and the company’s reputation. More often than not, each organisation has an internal department or an agency who handle crisis management. This involves communicating corrective messages through the right channels that will yield a positive result with minimal backlash. It is quite an art and some that study a communication science degree choose to specialise in this. This often involves working alongside legal teams with an awareness of regulations.

Public Relations

It’s all about the relationships built along the way.

This makes PR another important function of corporate communications. It involves building public perception of a brand and keeping it a favourable one. Pieces of communication in this area include newsletters, brochures, social media content and editorials. Anything created for the public can be seen as examples of Public Relations. Other examples include maintaining the company website and social media platforms as well as responding to emails that are sent to the customer care mail box.

Media Relations

Getting the right stuff out to the right people depends on how well you work with the media.

When it comes to building a brand, the media can become a make or break tool. From press releases to news features, using the media to the best of your abilities will help cement the future of any brand. Success in this area of communications usually relies on a team to drive media relations. This involves a lot of careful planning and budget allocations to drive business objectives.

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