How you can break the cycle of laziness

How You Can Break The Cycle Of Laziness teaching degree

Few of us like to admit it, but we’re all a little bit lazy. Whether you’re studying a teaching degree or a business qualification, we tend to take a lazy day or two when we feel like life has gotten too hectic. Breaking the cycle of laziness is tough, especially with the pressures that come with a senior teaching degree. It’s completely normal though, so you should never feel bad for taking some time out.

Should you find yourself spending more and more lazy days on the couch doing nothing, it might be time to set some personal boundaries. If you’re studying towards a teaching degree like a Senior Secondary teaching qualification, this is something you’ll need to do if you’re going to give it your all. How can each one us work towards being less lazy?

The truth is, there isn’t one single way to fight laziness. There are actually several that should be observed at the same time. The good news is that they’re not as difficult as you might expect. All it takes is a little mindfulness and putting the right techniques into practice. Here are a few ways that you can fight the urge to be slack.

Remove perfection from the equation

We are our own worst critics. By expecting ourselves to be perfect, we make ourselves anxious and overly critical. This in itself carries a host of negative side effects. Not only can it increase the likelihood of anxiety and depression but it can foster procrastination. This is a coping mechanism in which we avoid the task or situation that causes us stress. By being gentle with yourself and speaking kind words internally, you’ll be less likely to feel inadequate. This means you’ll have a greater belief in your abilities, which will lessen the temptation to be lazy.

Make your goals attainable

If your goals are unrealistic, there’s a good chance you’ll spend more time avoiding their completion. There’s also a higher likelihood that they’ll make you feel stressed and anxious. If you make your goals attainable ones, you won’t feel the need to take a break from them. On the contrary, you’ll be more motivated to give your all to reaching them. Instead of one large goal, perhaps break this up into smaller goals and stages that can be reach on your way to your ultimate end goal.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Asking for help should never be considered a sign of weakness. Without requesting assistance, you could be leaving yourself open to the risk of failing. Many people use, not understanding, or not being able to do something as an excuse for doing nothing. This can easily be avoided by simply speaking up. By asking for help you’re showing that you’re open to collaboration with others and this encourages those around you to give of their input. This means you can motivate others to be less lazy too. As an added bonus, getting help from others might teach you something that you didn’t know before.

Say no to distractions

We’ve all got our weaknesses that tend to take our attention away from the task at hand. From our smartphones to social media or even watching TV, these distractions are too easy to fall into. We suggest making them harder to reach. Put your phone away during times of study or get your mom to hide the television remote. This will remove the urge to resort to lazy habits.

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