Ways that teachers can ease separation anxiety

ways that teachers with bed foundation phase degree can ease separation anxiety

If you’re studying a B.Ed Foundation Phase degree, you should know that the classroom sometimes encounters a few tears. Many of these are at the hands of separation anxiety. This refers to when children are emotional following being dropped off at school by their parents. It presents a few barriers to learning and proves to be pretty disruptive for the student who is upset as well as their classmates.

Although it can be negative, it is easily overcome with a few tools to help every child feel safe and comfortable in your classroom. Whether you’re in the middle of a B.Ed Foundation Phase degree or still choosing which teaching qualification to study, here’s how you can help ease the emotions associated with separation anxiety.

Tell parents to prepare their children

Most of the time, parents can help ease the transition of going to school by telling their little ones what lies ahead. In talking to children about morning routines, days at school, drop offs and pick-ups, there’s bound to be resistance and fewer tears. A good idea is to pay the new school a visit before the year starts. This will give each child a chance to check out their surroundings and get them comfortable with the idea of going to school.

Get parents to give an item of comfort

By having parents send an item from home, children can feel a sense of comfort within their new classroom with their teacher. From a specific toy to a blanket or even a family photograph, this can be carried with them during each school day. When the student is feeling anxious or sad, they can then hold onto this item to make them feel less homesick.

Create a distraction when their parents leave.

Starting an activity is a good way to distract children from the fact that their moms and dads are leaving them for the day. This is often the time when tears set in. Activities like books or games will be a positive way to get the child to focus on something else. Often, all little ones need is something else to focus on at the time when their emotions are at a peak. Once their parents have gone and they’ve been able to settle into the school day, the symptoms of separation anxiety tend to fade away. For children who seem to face the anxiety over the course of the day, teachers will need to approach these learners with care. Sometimes, all they need is a hug and a chance to be alone with their teacher to read a book.

Turn to art or writing.

Sometimes, getting the student to create something for his or her parents is a great way to take their minds off of their anxiety. It’s also an outlet for focussing on these emotions in a happy and healthy way. Drawing a picture of mom’s favourite flowers or writing a card for dad’s birthday are just a few ideas. This will also ensure that the learner is excited to present this gift to their mom or dad when they are fetched from school.

Change lives in the classroom.

If it’s your mission to nurture happy, healthy learners, then you’ll need a qualification that prepares you for the classroom environment and all that teaching has to offer. Although there might be a few challenges, there’s nothing you can’t overcome with an accredited qualification. For more on the IIE Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching at The IIE’s Varsity College, why not visit our website? Here, you’ll find a full breakdown of the programme as well as what it will leave you qualified to do.

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