How Much Do You Appreciate Teachers?

foundation phase teaching

It’s a fact that most teachers are under-appreciated by society. Although many haven’t taken up the profession for the appreciation, it’s still an important issue that should be addressed. When you consider the role that teachers have played in your own life, it’s impossible to imagine where you might have been today without the skills and wisdom they imparted on you. Whether it’s foundation phase teaching or the intermediate or high school varieties, this one is for the teachers out there, we salute you!

Some of the most influential people we’ll ever cross paths with come to us in the form of educators. We’re lucky enough to have some incredible ones at The IIE’s Varsity College. They spur our students on and are always there when they need them to be. For our students and their parents, this is a welcomed relief that there’s always support that extends beyond academics on hand. Our ability to provide support at this personal level is made easier by the fact that we have smaller classes. Over our years of experience, we’ve repeatedly witnessed that smaller classes yield great results. To prove this we have an 80% module pass rate with 20% of these students achieving distinctions.

But enough about us, this is about the ones who chose a BEd Degree and why they deserve to be celebrated. The reality is, most of us will never truly understand what it’s like to be a teacher. We’re here to shed some light on the profession and those who bravely take it on.

Here are a few things to remember that might make you appreciate the teachers in your life.

They teach out of passion, not because they can’t do anything else.

This is a common misconception that often creates an impression that those in alternative professions are superior. In actual fact, many teachers are highly intelligent and could have pursued other professions. Instead of choosing self-serving or self-enriching career paths, they choose to make a difference in the lives of young people. A very noble choice.

Yes, they get great holidays but they work really hard.

Only those in the field will know the true schedule of a teacher. This involves arriving early, staying late and even putting in the effort after hours. There’s also a fair amount of weekend work because there are always lessons to be planned and projects to mark. Teachers are also involved in extra murals and courses after hours like first aid and leadership.

The hardest part of teaching is normally the parents.

Whilst it does get frustrating for teachers to deal with unruly children or students who don’t apply themselves, their parents are normally far more difficult. As a result, the meetings with parents who don’t support their children’s academic growth often weighs heavily on teachers. The goal of most educators is to help each child reach their full potential. This sometimes means encountering parents who don’t reinforce what is taught at school. Although it can be really testing, it’s part of the job description and teachers embrace this in order to do what they love.

They’re real people too.

All too often, parents and students tend to forget that teachers are human. This is especially true when it comes to running into students and parents after hours. It’s difficult for educators to balance their school lives with their personal ones but they always appreciate it when you see and greet them.

Sometimes they make mistakes.

In line with the point above, it’s totally possible for teachers to mess up. Even doctors and accountants make mistakes so it’s understandable that educators might as well. It’s part of any job so we should allow them the grace to be fallible humans.

No two teachers are ever the same.

The best thing about the people we learn from is that they all have a different style of teaching us. If you think about the teachers you enjoyed the most, you might find that you favoured each one for their own reason. This means that each one has found a way to be unique and shape the minds and worlds of their students without fitting a mould assigned to them. That’s something to be respected and appreciated.

They’re planners by nature.

From lessons to their own personal schedules, many teachers take joy in things going according to plan. This means they can get really put off if they’re interrupted or thrown off their game. So, please don’t be late for their lessons! If you consider how much time they sacrifice to help their students, it’s a small ask for the huge effort they put in.

They only ever want to see you do well.

If you’ve ever had a teacher that pushed you and was perhaps a little tougher than others, it’s because they knew you could do better. Sure, this often makes people feel picked on but it’s important to realise it’s coming from a place of care and support. Teachers know which students need extra input so they do their best to encourage and uplift them.

Want to inspire others too?

The call to teach is answered by those who are passionate enough to put their students first. It’s a profession that’s admirable and without teachers, there’d be no skilled professionals, worldwide. It’s a scary thought to imagine what would happen to the global economy if teachers disappeared. If you think you’d like to change the lives of young people through the power of education, then teaching is definitely for you. For more on teaching programmes at The IIE’s Varsity College please click here.