Higher Certificate in Event Management


Have you ever considered an event management career? Our higher event management certificate offers graduates the chance to work in an exciting and diverse industry.
If you enjoy the sound of professionally managing events, from large scale concerts to formal business occasions, a course in event management is the perfect place to begin. Starting with an initial concept, worked on with a prospective client, your event management career would require you to apply yourself to every aspect of the relevant event’s specifics, from budgeting to venue sourcing, marketing strategies to travel arrangements. Our event management certificate is proof that our graduates are able to perform under pressure and continuously apply themselves in situations where, essentially, the task at hand is to bring people together.
Through an emphasis on organisation, our students are trained in the essential skills required to develop their careers and step into the working world with confidence and value. Being a people-person is one of the most crucial skills required to make your mark in the event management industry. Dealing with a vast array of different types of personalities, its essential that a passion for people is part of any prospective student’s outlook.

The event management industry is one of high pressure and strict deadlines. Our course in event management prepares future industry leaders by providing a realistic work environment. Tight deadlines and business-like work pressures are part of the “real world,” and as such are an integral part in qualifying as an event manager. Dealing with these stresses in a calm and professional manner is what sets a truly professional event manager apart.
Through marketing and business practice, we aim to prepare graduates as best we can for the competitive, and incredibly exciting, industry that awaits them. Completing our course in event management will add a valuable accreditation to a candidate looking to make it in such a competitive industry.