Four ways to juggle work and study

bachelor in commerce

Some students are already working. It’s why they choose programmes like the IIE Bachelor of Commerce online degree. With freedom, flexibility and convenience on their side, they’re free to get work experience at the same time. Thanks to our commitment to academic support, these candidates can get the results they need to get them noticed.

The number of people working their way through their studies is on the rise. This is because many people need to work in order to afford the tuition fees. It’s not always easy to balance both a career and your studies. This requires a lot of careful planning and sacrifice. This is actually similar to the strategic management component of the IIE Bachelor of Commerce online degree. Looking to get a BCom online or another degree on a part-time basis whilst you work? Here are a few tips to help.

Choose a job that you love

It’s hard enough to find motivation to study. It’s even harder to find enough to work an 8-5 as well. By choosing a job that you’re enthusiastic about, you’ll feel less burdened by the study-work life. If your job is linked to what you’re studying, you might find that this makes you feel even more determined to succeed. It’s because you’ll feel as if you’re working towards something. This will make your efforts feel worthwhile and you’ll feel less drained at the end of each day.

Talk to your manager

By making management aware of the fact that you’re studying and working simultaneously, they’ll be more understanding of your situation. This will save you any potential conflict when it comes to exam season and needing time off. Let your manager know what your study schedule entails and when your exams are going to be. You might find that they’ll encourage you and act as a great support system.

Online programmes offer more flexibility

If possible, try to take online courses that don’t require set lecture times. These will allow you to meet work commitments without you needing to leave early to attend lectures. By choosing a provider that has great academic support you won’t feel as if you’re missing out on the one-on-one attention that yields good results.

Keep your needs in mind

Even the most seasoned of studying professionals can experience stress sometimes. We recommend making self-care a priority that you never compromise on. Studying and working simultaneously often means it’s easy to forget about taking care of your own needs. This includes eating well, exercising and making time for family and friends. You need these things to remain happy, healthy and productive. Without them, you could become demotivated, drained and even depressed.

Opportunities await online

For those looking to expand their horizons and credentials without giving up their careers, an IIE Bachelor of Commerce degree is available at The IIE’s Varsity College. With effective academic support and industry-relevant knowledge, it’s an impressive qualification that can really take you places. For more on this popular and flexible programme, please click here.

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