Four reasons to speak a common language at work

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Believe it or not, language barriers aren’t only based on geographical distances. They can also take form in the way that we choose to communicate with those around us. Not everyone that we try to communicate with will understand the meaning that we’re trying to convey. This might result in conflict and dips in team morale and productivity. For students pursuing a Corporate Communication degree, the concept of a common language in the workplace isn’t a foreign one. It’s something vital for the cohesion of a business.

Without a common language for all members of an organisation, it’s possible that misunderstandings will occur. With each person in the business coming from their own culture, background and belief systems, it can be tough to find a middle ground. Why should every company have and speak a common language? Here are four of the most important reasons.

  1. Common language equals culture
  2. During a Corporate Communication degree, you will learn that one of the most important ways to drive culture is through the language that we speak. In everyone speaking the same one, employees can become part of the culture, share the culture with others and even work toward the organisation’s goals. A business’ culture is what makes it unique and what helps to retain staff. This means that it’s important to maintain at all times. Thanks to the use of a common language, you can drive this at every level within the company.

  3. It helps us get our points across
  4. Any communication strategist will tell you that a common language is one of the building blocks for effective corporate communication. Thanks to a new, inclusive language, everyone can get their point across clearly and easily. This also helps everyone to accurately understand each other. When you reduce the chances for misunderstanding, you can help to limit the incidences of conflict at work.

  5. It makes for an authentic identity
  6. After a business has defined its common language, the language can then define them. This is because the terms used and the manner in which they are used will be unique to the company. Those on the outside will feel excluded but those who understand it feel part of the DNA and are more inclined to act like it. Through this, we can build a stronger sense of belonging and greater relationships with those we work with.

  7. To drive consistency and productivity
  8. As two of the greatest keys to success, consistency and productivity are vital within any organisation. At all levels, a common language helps to define expectations, roles, instructions and feedback. No matter a person’s role within a business, correct communications will enhance their ability to perform. This will drive the goals of the business and reinforce the credibility and reliability of any company.

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