Five signs you’re on the right career path

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Believe it or not, not all of us lived to become what we’d dreamed of when we were little. Most of us actually stumble upon a career that makes us happy instead of getting it right the first time around. In fact, we only really find that dream job once we’ve had a chance to work on several others, and the dream job is not necessarily in line with our studies. E.g. Studying an Honours in Communication includes amongst a variety of modules communication strategy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re destined for a career in strategy or communication studies for that matter. Your qualification will enable you to steer your career in any direction you choose.

Whether you’re taking on your Honours in Communication studies, or already working in your chosen industry, it’s never too late to question where you see your life going. If your current role isn’t making you happy, perhaps it’s time for some changes? Knowing whether or not you’re on the right career path can be tough to identify but we’re here to help you do that. Here are five ways you’ll know if you’ve found it…

Do you feel passionate about what you do?

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At The IIE’s Varsity College, our focus on new world thinking is designed to inspire in our graduates, a desire to work for more than just a paycheque. In order for you to settle on a particular career path you should always ask yourself if you are passionate about the role you play at work. Without passion, there can be little positivity about going to work each day, even if you get paid really well. Shared passion unites us with our co-workers and helps us strive as a team towards common goals. If you lack that fire, the chances are it’s not for you. Why not consider another avenue?

Are you good at what you do?

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There’s no point in doing something that makes you question your abilities. Whilst we do believe in modesty, we also think it’s important that you back yourself, especially where your career is concerned. If you know you’re good at what you do, there is a real sense of achievement to be felt in working each day. If not, you’ll simply be passing the time doing something you are mediocre at. Tap into your talents and try and find a career that’s aligned with them. You’ll be much happier and more successful too.

Do you feel free?

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Whilst most of us work in traditional environments that entail an “8 to 5” job, we should still feel as if we are our own people. Today’s modern working world means the flexibility to work remotely, which studies have shown, can lead to increased career happiness. If you are taking a more traditional route, then ask yourself if you feel free to think, speak and act in your particular role. If you cannot do any of these, perhaps you are being restricted and would value an alternative path.

Get onto the right path

bcom degree

Our new world thinking approach, challenges graduates to find a passion that takes them places. Through stronger problem-solving and critical thinking skills, they’re thoroughly prepared for the challenges of whatever career they choose. For more on The IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours In Communication, please contact The IIE’s Varsity College.

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