Five resolutions for teachers

At the start of a new year, we’re all looking towards those coveted resolutions. Whether you want to complete a few early childhood development courses or become a better educator, we all need goals if we’re going to succeed. Those in the teaching field might find that their resolutions are a little different than others. Here are our top five New Year’s Resolutions for teachers.

  1. Be sure that you dress to impress for you
  2. Not only will dressing well help you stay in line with the code of conduct but it will also give you a confidence boost. When you look the part, you’ll act it too. It will also help make those days in the classroom a little more exciting.

  3. Start every day off being positive
  4. How you start the day is usually how you’ll finish it. By choosing to be positive, you get the good energy flowing. This will rub off on your students and fellow educators, inspiring even more positivity as you go.

  5. Prioritise work/life balance
  6. Those who have studied early childhood development courses and gone on to teach will know how important this one is. Keep work at school and make time to unwind when you get home. Sure, there might be some marking and lesson prep but don’t forget to take care of you. Whether it’s healthy food or an exercise regime, do what you’ve got to do to fill your cup.

  7. Keep it fresh for your students
  8. Whilst there might be a set framework of what needs to be learned, you can definitely get creative with how your little minds learn. Part of completing a foundation phase teacher education degree is mastering new techniques to help inspire the children in your class. They might be little but they’re curious and eager to learn. Now is the time to help them discover new skills.

  9. Pledge to work smarter, not harder
  10. We all know that teachers are some of the most dedicated professionals out there. That being said, some of them don’t know when to stop working and make time for themselves. By working smarter, you can lessen the number of hours spent burning that midnight oil. We suggest staying organised, planning those lessons ahead of schedule and managing your time accordingly. Before you know it, you would have earned yourself some downtime or even a chance to leave school early.

Get a head start on those goals today

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