Five facts about supply chain management

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There’s something that’s just so fascinating about supply chain and strategic logistics management -the path from a product’s raw material phase to your home. It’s why logistics courses are a popular choice for those looking for an exciting career.

The supply chain world wasn’t always as advanced as it is today. Thanks to technology and innovation, it’s had its own evolution. Whether you’re simply curious about the field of supply chain or you’re researching the various logistics courses available out there, here’s a list of reasons why you’re on the right path.

Supply Chain & Logistics is a massive job creator

logistics courses

Thanks to supply chain and logistics, many people have a job to go to every day. It’s become one of the largest employment generators worldwide. If you consider that all products need to go through this process in order to reach our homes, you’ll realise how important it is for our livelihoods, and how in demand those with these skills are. Although the creation of jobs isn’t a problem, a lack of expertise is something to be concerned about. In South Africa, there is a shortage of skilled professionals, which could threaten the industry. It’s why supply chain programmes are important for ensuring that qualified people enter the field.

The first example of supply chain management

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The earliest example of supply chain management was used by Henry Ford of Ford car fame. He was the first person to implement a “just in time” production model. This enabled him to achieve ground-breaking results in his car manufacturing. By planning ahead and keeping his factories organised, by ordering the required materials before he needed them, supply chain management was born. This production model that Henry Ford used was actually designed by Gene Thomas who founded IBM.

Be part of a growing industry

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The future is bright for those in logistics. It’s why we recommend The IIE Supply Chain & Logistics Management programme at The IIE’s Varsity College Part-Time. As an in-demand short learning programme, you’re only a few weeks away from upskilling and embracing new opportunities in 2019. To make next year the best one yet, click here.

Online sales are changing the game

logistics courses

Logistics partners have reaped the benefits of an ever-expanding online retail sector. Many people are choosing to make their purchases online, which require deliveries to their doors. An increase in orders means a boost in delivery services. Some businesses offer same-day or next-day delivery, which means speedy action from couriers is a must. As we come to rely more on online shopping, demand for logistics experts in this industry will just keep growing too.

Almost everything relies on this industry

Without logistics, how would we live? From the clothes we wear and the food we eat, to the electricity and water we use each day, logistics ensure that everything we need is at our disposal. This means that we need effective supply chain and logistics management to supply our daily needs.

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