Five cool careers with a Bachelor of Arts and Psychology

bachelor of art and psychology

Five cool careers with a Bachelor of Arts and Psychology

Did you know that not everyone who studies a Bachelor of Arts and Psychology ends up as a psychologist? As a degree that revolves around several valuable skills, it opens up a host of career options. Here’s why:

  • This degree is more than just a great starting point for many professions.
  • It imparts a blend of skills that empower graduates.
  • This leaves them free to tackle the challenges of their working world.


Part of selling those big ideas is knowing the psychology behind them.

Advertising is an industry that relies heavily on psychology. Why? Consider the brands you love most. Why do you love them and how do those brands appeal to you? By using psychology in advertising messages, companies can hit home with their target markets. The process of creating campaigns often involves persuasion, understanding demographics and general communication skills. With a knowledge of psychology and how the human mind works, those with a Bachelor of Arts and Psychology are a good fit for this industry.

Career Counsellor

If you want to study a BA in Psychology to help others, one such way to do so is to become a career counsellor.

This could see you performing assessments on candidates and suggesting relevant professions that match their results. This job also involves assisting people to make career changes and find happiness in new opportunities. It’s a rewarding profession to say the least. There are few things as fulfilling as using your career to change the lives of others.

Market Researcher

With statistics and analytics being part of psychology, this places graduates at an advantage for a career in market research.

As a market researcher, you’ll be able to use the methodologies learned in your psychology modules to conduct research. Interviewing candidates is key in this profession and an understanding of the human psyche will give you a distinct advantage. With skills that will help you collect, analyse and interpret data, you’ll be well on your way to a promising career in research.


This one should come as no surprise when you consider how much psychology is involved in teaching.

Coupled with a teaching programme, a BA in psychology is a powerful combination for those looking to teach. With these, you could find a job teaching primary school or high school. A background in psychology also helps educators understand the behaviours and thought patterns of their students. This helps them guide those in their classes through their years at school.

Sales Representative

Understand, communicate and sell. Psychology can really drive sales.

Not surprisingly, a large part of sales depends on persuasion. It’s why many psychology graduates have been able to forge lucrative careers in the sales field. From communication skills to an understanding of human behaviour, studying psychology can produce top sales representatives.

One degree, several opportunities.

If you’re looking for a bright career, we can get you started.

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