Financial Management for the win!

Financial Management for the win!

We get it, deciding what you want to do with your life is easier said than done. Choosing what to study is tough enough without having to limit the career paths available to you when you make your choice. A Bachelor of Commerce degree at Varsity College could take you down a variety of roads. From Financial Management to Marketing Management and even Strategic Management, your opportunities are as endless as you make them out to be!

Think one of our Bcom degrees might be what you’re looking for? Here are the highlights of a degree that is definitely one of our most popular ones!

  • Looking to make your mark on the business world? Then a Bcom is definitely the right option for you. It’s a broad-based degree that provides a great framework to choose one of our core disciplines. These are Financial Management, Marketing Management or Strategic Management.
  • The programme is designed to adequately prepare students for the fast-paced and dynamic world of business. This suits both those looking to own a business and those looking to be involved in the running of one.
  • Skills that will be honed over the course of this degree include theoretical knowledge, problem solving, analytical abilities and of strategic planning.
  • The career paths are vast, making this one of the degrees that business-minded students tend to gravitate towards, Possible avenues for work include finance, marketing, economics, strategic management, business management and corporate consulting to name only a few!
  • Should you attain an IIE Bcom degree from Varsity College, you could use this a foot in the door to study your honours through the Open University in the United Kingdom, the UK’s largest correspondence tertiary institution.
  • Varsity College’s Bcom degree is a three-year, full-time qualification made up of weekday lectures on our awesome campuses across South Africa. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and combine the best of traditional and modern learning techniques to ensure that each student gets the hands-on learning that they deserve!

At Varsity College, we offer tuition support for qualifications conferred by the IMM Graduate Institute of Marketing (IMM GSM). Our academic partnerships with international institutions like The Open University (OU) of the United Kingdom and the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) mean that our qualifications are ones that are recognised.

If you’re interested in an IIE Bcom degree majoring in one of our three disciplines, or if you’d like to know more about other programmes and qualifications offered by Varsity College, a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (IIE), please visit our website today,

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